“What a wonderfully written and illustrated book! The kids have really enjoyed reading this together and I loved the fact it asks them questions and gives them something to think about. A fantastic introduction to mindfulness for children to enjoy and relate to, well done, I will be highly recommending it 😊” – Cat

“Brilliant and lovely book, very well done Louise, you should be very proud. Well done also to Rhiannon, lovely illustrations ” – Rebecca

“Brilliant book – very relatable for children and a lovely read as an adult. I can’t wait to share this with my Year 1 Class next year! The children enjoy talking about their feelings and mindfulness is something I’m looking forward to trying with them as a next step! Well done Louise!! Will be sharing with my colleagues for sure. Beautiful illustrations too” – Catrin

“Fantastic ! Children are able to relate to this book and learn the skills to becoming more mindful. Highly recommend” – Charlotte

“This is a fantastic book for helping children to be aware of being present in the moment and aware of themselves and how they feel. The illustrations are beautiful and overall it’s a very well presented and visually appealing book, hopefully the first of many more!” – Rhiannon

“What a lovely little book! My daughter loved it. Can’t wait for Millies next adventure!” – Lili

“Mindful Millie is an amazing book that makes mindfulness easily accessible to people of all ages, regardless of any prior knowledge (or lack of!) about the technique.” – Maddy

“Love the book so much! I can totally relate to it, I read it to my little Olive, she’s only 7 months old and can’t understand a word I’m saying. However as she gets older it will definitely teach her how to be mindful and hopefully help her to control any anxiety she has. Thank you so much for creating this amazing book!..” – Chelsea

“Lovely little book! The kids really enjoyed me reading it to them! The illustrations are beautiful and we can’t wait to read more of Millie’s adventures” – Heledd

“Wonderful book, lovely illustrations, and such an excellent idea to start introducing mindfulness at an early age.” – Caitlin

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