I somehow missed blogtober this year, it actually got to the 31st of October for me to realise what month it was. I was quite disappointed because it’s probably one of my favorite times of year, but things have been quite hectic lately.

It’s now the end of half term. After 10 weeks of school I was desperate for a holiday, but when it came I was sick, and in the middle my husband was unwell and now I’m sick again. So I feel like I haven’t had a rest at ALL.

Things are hotting up here in Sweden. On the 29th the released new restrictions to stop going shopping (apart from pharmacy and groceries), gym, sport etc. however, just like in March this is a recommendation not being enforced and the shops are all still open (you just have to queue to go in if it’s too crowded).

My friends in the uk are finding it really hard with another lockdown. I really feel for them. SO taking a leaf from Stacey Solomon’s book, (I follow her on Instagram and she gives me LIFE) I’m going to try and post some positive things this month to try and brighten people days.

Ideas I have in mind include:

  • 🎁 giveaways
  • 🤩 challenges
  • 🍪 Recipes
  • 🤣 funny stories
  • 🛍 small business gift guides
  • 📰 good news

PLEASE let me know if you have more ideas or if you want to collaborate in some way 🥰

Louise x

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