My happiness plan

1. I bought a Fitbit today precisely for this reason. I only started wearing it at 6pm so it says I’ve only done 1700 steps 🙃 tomorrow is another day

2. Honestly, I ate a brownie, a chocolate bar, some chewits. But I’m usually a lot worse. Binge eating is a coping method I unfortunately rely on. Hopefully not for much longer, but I will keep myself accountable here.

3. I only stared this yesterday after I got the idea from a friend. It’s mostly working well but I had to cheat and get 15 more minutes so I could install my Fitbit. Oops.

4. I went out today to ikea & elgiganten. This was before I knew about the new restrictions so I won’t be going shopping again anytime soon. I also took the doggies for a stroll twice.

5. Lots of doggy cuddles had today.

6. I lit my vanilla candle from ikea today, it smells amaaaaaazing. I also used ylang ylang in my oil burner, so my house is very calm and peaceful now.

7. I’m reading ‘from a mountain in Tibet: a monks journey’ I’m only a third of the way through but I am already astonished. It is so important to understand what others have been through.

8. Here I am writing a blog. I also wrote 1000 words of my Ellemere book today 😊

9. Five things I’m grateful for today:

  • My husband
  • My doggies
  • My little girl
  • My home
  • Not going hungry

10. Today I made 4 Christmas presents 🎁😊

11. Laughed a lot at Brooklyn 99. The one with the speakeasy. Oh Jake.

12. Unfortunately I didn’t manage that today, although I turned my work phone and laptop off someone managed to get through on my personal email

13. Oops, I’m 3 minutes late already

14. I’ve been doing great at this recently and it’s made me feel so much better. I’m trying hard to have a plastic free home and I have organized all my cupboards with bamboo containers and glass jars and it’s organization heaven.

15. I did a body scan whilst I was waiting for my little girl to fall asleep

16. 💊☑️

17. I neeeeed to do this… I basically need my Pilates teacher to hound me until I do it, but she’s too nice

18. Trying, but as always not always mastering it.

19. It’s very easy if you, like me care a lot about the planet, so every bit of good news helps. Here is some good news I found today: Restoration of seagrass habitat leads to rapid recovery of coastal ecosystem services

20. As someone who has to deal with suicidal thoughts daily, having long term goals can sometimes be the thing that pulls you through. One day I dream of having a lovely garden for my dogs to enjoy.

21. Bake! This week I made the most delicious sugar cookies 🤤 and some homemade bread rolls to have with my leek & potato soup.

I hope that you are well 😘

Louise x

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