Let’s go thrift shopping 🛍

I could be really upset that most of my clothes don’t fit me anymore but instead I donated them to school and decided to kit out my wardrobe again. I read a post that said you shouldn’t hang onto small clothes ‘for when you lose weight’ especially for someone with an intermittent eating disorder I don’t want to have that pressure hanging over me.

I couldn’t bear the thought of waste so I’m happy to know my clothes will be reused and decided that any new clothes would be second hand. I thought I would share my finds with you, I apologize for the dodgy photos, the clothes need a wash and some anti-crumpling, I’m not photogenic, couldn’t be bothered to do my hair and my husband is no photographer (and was trying to do his work whilst I kept interrupting him to take photos, poor dab).

Jacket 30kr [£2.62], Top 30kr [£2.62] (both Gina Tricot), Shoes: 125kr [£10.90] (Vox new)
Jacket 10kr [£0.87] (h&m), top 10kr [£0.87] (mango)
Top 10kr [£0.87] (nly) trousers 10kr [£0.87] (h&m)
Top 10kr [£0.87] (Gina Tricot)
Top 10kr [£0.87] (Laura clement)
Dress 10kr [£0.87] (new look)
Top 10kr [£0.87] (happy holly)
Top 50kr [£4.36] (very moda) trousers 10kr [£0.87] (h&m) shoes 30kr [£2.62] (Carvela – Kurt Geiger)
Dress 10kr [£0.87] (flash woman), bag 150kr [£13.09] (dkny)
Top 45kr [£3.93] (vero moda)

Christmas jumper 175kr [£15.27]

Top 30kr [£2.62] (indiska)

Do you ever buy second hand? This shop saved around 45150 liters of water and 235.1kg of CO2 emissions according to Sellpy.se


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