It’s been a while

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a chance to sit down and write and I have definitely missed it, and I’ve missed you!

The world is bizarre right now and nothing feels real. I don’t even know what to write about because everything is so up in the air. So I’m just going to bumble on as usual.

I love my job. I’m super happy with my classroom, and I’m loving getting to be creative. How cute is it though?

My coworkers are so lovely and I feel like I could stay forever. There are of course some difficult lessons that make you question existence, but on the whole it’s super rewarding and great fun.

I’ve enjoyed making my bookshelf to try and encourage reading, this week I finally got a chance to test it out when a few of the kids finished their work super quick. I got them to choose a book to read and write a non-fiction book review as they went along with things like “an interesting fact” and “3 new words I’ve learnt”. They actually enjoyed it and I didn’t have any complaints about me “making them read” like I was expecting. Huge success.

I’ve also FINALLY managed to publish my new book – Things I Need to Know. It took me two months longer than expected because of formatting issues and absolutely no time to re-format the entire thing, like 5 times. I never want to see the word margin again. Unfortunately due to the use of colour it’s super expensive to print, so I am going to create a black and white version which will be much cheaper too, but I need to find some spare time to do it all again! I’ve ordered an author copy so when it comes I will take some photos to show you!

On a positive note, Elle is super happy and enjoying the falling leaves and the abundance of puddles to splash in. Greta Gris is her favourite at the moment (peppa pig).

The darkness and gloom was starting to get me down so I decided to nip it in the bud and turn it into something positive – so I spent all day writing a Christmas bucket list of all the things I want to do and eat and make this year! I’m so excited now it’s really turned my mood around. I’d share it with you but I know that there are some scrooges who would have my guts for garters!

Which reminds me, I’ve started writing another book (I know, another? when will you stop Louise!?) called silly old sayings, because I just LOVE finding out where they all originate. Ah, I’m a nerd, but a happy one so c’est la vie.

One more thing because it’s cute: when we put Elle to bed we sing the song “…and if that mockingbird won’t sing, Mamma’s gonna buy you a diamond ring, and if that diamond ring turns brass, Mamma’s gonna buy you a looking glass….” she always repeats the last word of the sentance, when it comes to glass (which translates to ice cream in Swedish) she perks up and says glass? Jag äter glass! (I eat ice cream) over and over again until we promise she can have some tomorrow.

Hope you have had a nice weekend,

Love Louise xo



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