Sweden, have you lost the plot?

I would love to tell you these photos are from a few months ago, but in fact I took them yesterday.

As you probably know, Sweden hasn’t imposed a lockdown but has advised people over 70 to stay at home, along with those with any symptoms and to avoid unnecessary travel. But of course, unlike other countries, this is just advice. Most, if not all shops are still open and running as normal.

During the first few weeks I was pleasantly surprised when I went food shopping or for medical appointments that there weren’t as many people around. As the weeks have gone on and the weather has improved, and with no more action from the government, more and more people are forgetting the “advice” to stay at home.

Yesterday I needed to pick up a prescription and get some food. When I got on the bus my heart sank as I realised this was a huge mistake. There were so many people that people were having to sit next to each other. It was however, too late. When I got off the bus in town I couldn’t believe my eyes and actually stopped to take photos (the ones above). I was so shocked I began to feel sick and had a panic attack.

There was no way I could go into the shop or pharmacy and I couldn’t face getting back on a bus so I walked all the way home, empty handed.

It was impossible to keep even half a meter distance from people, nevermind the recommended two.

Whilst I see the news of Anders Tegnell, Swedens state epidemiologist predict that Stockholm may have herd immunity by May, (even though it has been suggested this is a very bad idea without a vaccine) and realise that this is probably what they want, for it to spread between us.

At what cost? When asked how the strategy is going, Tegnell says that “what has not worked out very well is the death toll”.

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