Memory Lane

It is a hard thing to explain, but because of my mental ill-health, I feel things so much stronger than most people and it is so hard for me to let the past go. Best friends that I had, over ten years ago, I still mourn that our friendship isn’t there anymore. When I look at the photos I still feel the same amount of love, and I am so sad that you don’t feel it back.

Realistically, I know how I feel is abnormal, and I know most people move on with their lives, and some may not even remember me. For me, it just seems impossible.

I used to spend so much time looking through old photographs and get really upset, I felt so lonely and tortured myself over why we are no longer friends, why you no longer like me. I haven’t actually looked through them in a couple of years now because I don’t have them on my computer but I thought now would be a nice time to look back at my life.

Some of us are now strangers, some of us are still friends and some still best friends after all this time. Looking through these photos this time round has filled my heart with joy, I’m lucky I had such wonderful times and memories, so thank you.

If you spot a picture of yourself, try and guess what year it was!

Louise xo

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