It’s been a while

Well, I can’t even remember the last post I did on here, I haven’t really been on for months or, what feels like an eternity.

I got a new job back in November and unlike the substitute teaching this one took over my entire life. It was absolutely exhausting. Ah, I have so many tales to tell of that school but now is not the time.

Teacher Louise

How have you been? Please share any news or posts below, I really want to catch up with everyone and I apologize for disappearing for so long!

So I lost my job a month ago, and it’s not exactly the climate for getting a new job. I did in fact get a new job, but it didn’t happen in the end. Perhaps I’ll write a post about that if you are interested… it was yet another drama in my life – I seem to be a magnet for it!

I’m at home now and although Sweden isn’t in lockdown or anything I’m keeping my daughter at home; hmm maybe I will write a post about what it is like here in Stockholm during Covid-19, what do you think? Maybe I could get others to write of accounts of what it is like where they live… oh I feel a project coming on.

Hope you are well

Louise x



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  1. Hope your fortunes on the job front change soon, if they haven’t already! Good to see you’re still around though, keep safe 🙂

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