Why I am cancelling Christmas


So this is probably going to be quite unpopular but, you know what? The reasons I’m doing it are way more important than whether people think I’m annoying or silly.

I often feel really guilty whenever I go shopping, whether for clothes, home-ware or toys. Since moving to Sweden I changed my lifestyle quite a bit. I have bought as much as I can from the eco shops and the rest I try and get second hand, I am deliberately trying to live a minimalist lifestyle. Even so, after a year and a bit I still find myself surrounded by material things.

As you know I’m about to release my book ‘Being Mindful of Our Planet’ and ‘Eco Evie’ and the research that has gone into them has really gotten to me, I often cry and even have panic attacks because it makes me feel helpless.

I am trying so hard to change my lifestyle. It is incredibly hard when we are so used to living in such a consumer culture though, sometimes it is so hard to resist. One thing I find difficult too is the part that is out of my control, which is presents bought for us. We are really lucky in that we have people who want to buy gifts for us, especially now we have a daughter, and I really don’t want to seem ungrateful, because we are grateful, but a huge burden is attached to the gifts and that is their carbon footprint.

What the gift is, what its made from, how its made, where its shipped from, the shops energy use, and then of course getting it to Sweden – air mail which of course is a huge source of CO2.

I have clothes for my daughter until she is 2, she has so many toys already, we are so fortunate. This year Christmas will be spending time together, enjoying nature, playing games and a nut roast and that sounds perfect to me.

I am pretty sad because I love making Christmas cards and I keep the ones I receive every year in a little memory box, I also love planning and buying gifts for the people I love. But really, those gifts will be useless to them if climate change carries on accelerating, and I would rather protect the people, animals and nature I love, even if they think I am rude or silly.

It’s my daughters future and I am determined to save it.






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  1. I respect this post and your views a lot. I think it’s good that you have shared this as potentially more people feel the same. I hope one day when I have a family of my own that I will be this conscious of the Earth. For now though, I am trying my best!


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