Gift list

I decided to write a little post to show you what we got for Eleanora for her first Christmas. Who knows what Santa will bring, but we wanted to get her some nice little toys.

The oil burner is actually a present I got for myself haha! It’s from Tiger and I love it. I have some oils but I donated my oil burner to a charity shop when I moved away.

I love wooden toys! This is a stacker you from and it’s beautiful! Of course I chose the cute dog!

I got her this really cute wooden you set also from It’s so durable and I’m sure it will last for years to come. It’s a really sweet little set. You can ether play with the little blocks and shapes individually or there is a base with poles so that you can stack and build a tower.

I love this little farm set, so cute. It was from

This is from a toy shop called BR! It’s so sweet, great for role play but also maths and nutrition!

I saw this top in H&M and I thought it was so sweet, it’s mostly a present for Elle’s Pappa! Because he loves football. I got it in a large size so it will last a long time, and then I’m sure her teddy can have it!

So, these books are pocket size and although she can’t read them yet I decided to read them to her in Swedish because she loves to listen to me talk and it will help me learn too!

This beautiful little fabric book is BR and it has different materials inside and a mirror which I’m sure she will love & I can attach it to the pushchair.

I’d love to know what you’re gift lists are!

Louise x

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