Charity Christmas guide




Super Seeds £8                                                        Period pack £10

  • Give blood if you can, but don’t feel bad if you can’t!
  • Donate blankets, towels and treats to animal shelters
  • Give food to a foodbank, either pop some extras in your trolley or get your children involved in a reverse advent calendar where instead of getting a gift every day, you give one; collect them all in a box and then give them to the foodbank

Your-Gift-Token-e1539081545446              9027_6

The gift of hope £15                                   An advent calendar with a difference £14.95

  • Volunteer at an elderly care home, this time of year can be lonely for some
  • Help out at a homeless centre
  • Don’t forget to check out your local charity shops for Christmas presents too, I’ve found some amazing presents there before, unopened board games, unread books and toys!


Adopt an Elephant £3/m



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  1. This is always something important to remember around Christmas time, since I work in a nursery we do kindness boxes where we donate to food banks and homeless shelters to help people in need each Christmas so that we can teach the children the importance of humanitarianism and giving. It’s great to give to whoever is needy because it really soothes the soul and gives you chances to help people. Alex x


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