So as you that read my blog will know I recently moved to Sweden from the UK.

I moved because as a highly skilled worker my husband got offered a job here.

So, technically I’m not one of those “coming over here and stealing our jobs”. However, I feel like one and let me tell you, it feels horrible.

After Brexit it seemed like it was suddenly ok for people to openly hate immigrants and that really upset me. A lot of my amazing friends are immigrants and I am SO grateful to have met them. I’m also very aware that a lot of my doctors, nurses and other very important people who contribute massively to the country (such as scientists, engineers and businesses which bring in a lot of money) have been immigrants and we were extremely lucky to have them in the UK.

It wasn’t until I moved that I really understood how immigrants in the UK may feel. Now, I’m not saying I understand what it’s like to come from a really difficult place, either economically, due to war or other reasons. I know for these people especially those parted from family or with no money it is a million times more difficult.

But just being a foreigner in a new country is so hard. It’s completely isolating when everyone else is speaking a language you don’t understand. It’s been half a year and I still haven’t grasped the language however hard I’ve tried.

Not only is it lonely but I’ve also had a few experiences of being told I don’t belong here and need to learn Swedish etc.

It feels absolutely devastating to be made to feel like you are taking up space you don’t deserve.

George Osbourne recently admitted that the conservative government scapegoated immigrants so that they wouldn’t be blamed for the economic troubles and unemployment, something which he now regrets.

Please, when you see someone on the street, give them a smile. Make them feel welcome. You don’t have a clue what they are going through, what they have witnessed and how they contribute to society.

Thanks for taking the time to read ♥️

Louise x



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  1. This is so interesting to read, I’m so sorry you feel that way. It must be hard being in a country where you’re not feeling safe and secure but also don’t understand the language and are miles away from home and family. I hope that it gets better but it’s also so good to have awareness of how others are feeling and maybe this could be a good opportunity to helps others or make a difference. Hopefully there are some silver linings.
    Alex x

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