An A-Z (-Ö) of Swedish

Andungar – duckling

Björn – This may be familiar to some, its a Bear

Cykel – bicycle, these are everywhere in Stockholm

Domare – judge (not “the mayor”)

Efterrätter – dessert

Fabrik – not fabric, although it is made there – its a Factory.

Glass – ice cream


Husvagen – caravan or “house wagon”

Iglekott – hedgehog, this sounds super cute.

Jordgubbe – strawberry

Kyckling – chicken

Lyftkran – crane

Mormor – Granmother

Nyckelpiga – ladybird, another cute word!

Ost – cheese

Pariserhjul – Ferris wheel

Q – Here’s where we run into trouble! Bizarrely, despite Q being in the Swedish alphabet and used in many words, there ARE NO WORDS beginning with Q! At least not any that I can find…

Räv – fox

Skolpada – turtle! Duolingo teaches you this early, it must be a critical word for everyday Swedish!

Tvätta – To wash

Ursäkta – excuse me/sorry

Visselpipa – a whistle

Webbkurs. An online course. We were told by a midwife that if we didn’t know a Swedish word we should just speak “Swenglish” – sometimes you will be right, as new words are often created this way!

X – same again, no words begining with X, but as you will see from the next word, it is most definitely in the Swedish alphabet.

Yxa – axe. Looks like a good endgame scrabble word!

Zebra, is this lazy?…

Ärtor – Peas

Årstider – Sounds rude, but is in fact “Seasons” – Vår, Sommar, Höst och Vinter.

É – Again no words to be found starting with É. Apparently it’s being phased out. Our street still has it – Erik Dahlbergsallén. You can read about the man for whom the street is named here . He is famous for his role in the risky, but ultimately successful march of the Swedish army across the frozen sea to Denmark, a move that won the war.

Ögonsjukhus – where my husband works – literally “eye sick hospital”



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