The waiting room

I was in my element today. I went to the Barnvårdcentral to see our barnsjuksköterska.

In the waiting room I was sat on the sofa with Eleanora and there were 3 other children all with their dads.

This is something I love about Sweden. The majority of people I see out during the day are men and their kids – it’s great. In Sweden you get 360 days of paternity leave and 180 days of leave at a lower pay level. This is split between parents with 90 days reserved for the father.

Anyway, I digress! One child with beautiful long blonde hair came in with their father wearing a bright pink coat. I was so pleased to find out he was a boy and allowed to wear whatever colour he liked. I turned to the rest of the room and realised that without hearing their names I couldn’t have told you who were girls or boys. One child was wearing a green stripy jumper and flowery leggings.

Everyone mistakes Elle as a boy because I don’t dress her head to toe in pink. I love colourful things. (You may have noticed if you’ve seen my pram!).

I know you may think I’m crazy for being happy about all of this, but unfortunately I’ve come across quite a few parents who wouldn’t let their boys wear pink and play with dolls, and also would make their girls dress up when they didn’t want to.

I say let’s just let them be happy!

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