My baby must-haves

  1. Tinylove 3 in 1 babysitter. I held off buying one of these because I wanted to get to know my baby first and see whether I actually needed to buy one. After a month of not being able to put Elle down I realised I definitely needed one, and one that would rock or vibrate. I kept a look out on the marketplace on facebook but it seems the Swedes have a thing for the expensive babybjorn babysitters which are very simple and even second hand are over £60. So I found this one for a little bit more, it is 3 in 1, it works as a babysitter, a crib and a highchair. It also vibrates which really helps keep Elle asleep and it has a mobile which lights up and plays music which she is absolutely fascinated by.
  2. My friend gave us this giant elephant which is designed for babies to be able to lie against – at last another way I could put Elle down and she would be happy. She took to it straight away! She must have got a love for elephants from somewhere…
  3. Sleeping bags. I’ve got to say I don’t know what I’d of done without a sleeping bag. I just worry so much less than if she were to have a blanket instead because I don’t need to worry about it sliding off and her getting cold or it getting pulled over her face.
  4. My friend gave me her pop in newborn nappies to try and they are GREAT! I feel so much better using them and knowing I’m not filling up a landfill… although I guess it doesn’t matter as much in Sweden as they don’t have them. But hey ho, I’m saving a lot of money nonetheless.
  5. Music box. Oh I love her music box. This was a lovely gift and it calms her right down. I use it when shes really upset and it really seems to work. I think its a reassuring noise as I also played it to her while she was in my belly!
  6. Last but not least, probably my favourite one – the Tummy tub! I don’t have a photo but it’s basically like a clear bucket that you use as a baby bath and it imitates them being in the womb. Elle absolutely LOVES it. It’s a lifesaver when nothing else works to calm her down. It hasn’t failed yet.

Louise x



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  1. I’ve never heard of a tummy tub before, that sounds like such a great invention for a baby. I imagine they’d find it very relaxing. In my experience baby sitting they can become distressed during bath time. I love that elephant! 🐘 I had an elephant called Nelly was I was little.
    Kim |


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