The journey

We left the house at 3.30am to drive to Folkestone to catch the Eurotunnel, even the dogs thought it was too early to be getting up and were reluctant to move. Britain gave us a true British send off with torrential rain for most of the journey.

The Eurotunnel was something out of my worst nightmares as I really struggle with confined spaces and feeling “stuck”. I decided that because I had to do it, I would try my best not to suffer through it so I used breathing techniques and distraction to cope. I couldn’t believe how fast the journey went and we were in France within no time. Of course Junior barked at the policeman at passport control, the boy has no respect for authority.


Having to drive on the right hand side was a little terrifying at first and I was so on edge but we soon got used to it. I saw a little owl and lots of birds of prey as we drove through France. I felt so lucky to be able to see the beautiful views that France and Belgium have to offer in the lovely sunshine; the beautiful fields and farmhouses, the canals, the churches.


The first night we camped in Belgium, it was a beautiful evening, so much so that we didn’t even care when the soup we had just cooked fell off the stove as a gust of wind came and spilt all over the grass. It began to rain at around 8pm so we went to bed and had a glorious night’s sleep (although we definitely underestimated how cold it would be when we woke up! Brrr).

The second day we travelled through the Netherlands – which met us with absolutely beautiful views and some fantastic windmills to spot! By now the baby was sick of me wearing a seatbelt and was trying to kick it away the whole journey – obviously has no regards for my safety!


We travelled through Germany and arrived at an Air BnB near Hamburg – it was AMAZING. It felt like pure luxury and had the best shower I’ve ever had. It was an open plan annex owned by an architect so everything in it was just built amazingly. Junior loved the heated tiles by the shower and drinking the shower water off the floor (obviously tastes better that way!). Harvey loved the huge bed and spent the majority of the time lazing on there. We ordered a Dominoes – turns out Germany don’t do gluten free so I had a salad (boo).

The third day we drove through Denmark to Copenhagen and I have to say this was my favourite country of the journey so far, it was absolutely stunning – and I even saw two Hares bounding around a field. We stayed at a campsite in Copenhagen – it used to be a fort built to protect them from being bombed from the sea during the war. It had cannons and a moat and was truly beautiful.

The last day – we drove over the bridge to Sweden and wow, what an amazing country. It was so interesting because the scenery changed a lot, there were fields, there were forests, there were lakes and with them lots of signs warning about Mooses!


We arrived at our apartment at around 5pm greeted by a friend who helped us unpack the car, he had been shopping and loaded the fridge with food for us so we could settle in easily – to be met with so much kindness really made the move much easier.

We are so lucky to be living in such a beautiful area of Stockholm and our apartment is incredible. We took the dogs for a walk to the centre of Stockholm and ate next to the cherry blossom.



A journey I’ll never forget!

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