A long awaited post

It has been absolute mayhem the last couple of weeks. I’ve started college, trying to keep up with Mindful Millie events and also volunteering as much as possible for the Open day at Samye Foundation Wales.

I’m absolutely loving college. Well, the theory, I love the work and I love the vocational side and doing the facials. However, I have slipped back into some unhealthy habits, but luckily I’ve noticed and am being mindful not to carry them on. Paranoid thoughts came back with venom, the first week I was ok, but the second week I felt really isolated because the paranoia took over. The “nobody likes me”, “I don’t fit in”, “they are all laughing at me” thoughts rose up and I was left feeling very anxious. One day I even went and sat in my car during the break because I couldn’t face being alone in college. I thought I was over this but I think it just reminded me so much of school the old ways of thinking came back.


Mindful Millie is going fabulously, although I wish I had more time to spend on social media and my blog as I do feel I’m neglecting you. Once the open day is over later today I’m hoping I will have more time. I spent Friday afternoon at a primary school reading Mindful Millie with the children and it was absolutely fantastic. The children all joined in and we discussed mindfulness and how they can be mindful in the outdoors. I’m going back next friday, we enjoyed it so much we only got on to the second page of the book before the bell rang! They shared a lovely photo you can see here.

I’ve also put Mindful Millie on eBay now and I’m really excited because when you buy a copy from them 10% goes to Young Minds.. click here to have a look.


Next weekend my friend (The Stripey Pebble) and I are going to Scolton Manor for a Autumn craft fair, I will be selling my books and she will be selling some lovely art. I’m really looking forward to it. It is just so exciting to spread the word about mindfulness and I want as many people to know as possible.

Today is the big day, the day we have been planning for months! The day we open the Tibetan Tea Room at Kagyu Samye Dzong Cardiff (The charity I also volunteer for along with Samye Foundation Wales). It is a very exciting time but my gosh have we worked hard, most nights this week we’ve been working into the darkness getting everything finished. I will be sharing some photos later of the open day and I cannot wait to show you how beautiful the building is. The art and the colours are just incredible.

So, off I go to catch my bus to work because we can’t use the car. My first bus journey in a very long time due to my phobia of them… and its an hour and a half journey so WISH ME LUCK!

Love to you all & remember to look after yourself


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