Panic attacks on the M4

Visiting my friend in Bath.. drove all the way on my own. as soon as I got past Bristol I just realised – I’ve never been here before! All of the catastrophic thoughts popped up – I will get lost, I can’t drive, I can’t cope, what if I crash? what if there is a traffic jam? led to I can’t breathe, I’m too hot, I’m going to have a heart attack.

Driving home from my parents, I pull up to the roundabout joining the motorway and there is a long line of traffic stopped for about a mile. My chest went tight, I felt sick, I was so hot but cold at the same time, I was shaking and I couldn’t breathe, my heart was going ten to the dozen and adrenaline was burning its way through my body waking up the butterflies in my stomach.

So how did I calm down? – a mixture of CBT and Mindfulness.

This is what I did, I used this CBT technique of drawing a vicious circle.


Somewhere in this viscous cycle I needed to stop the anxiety from getting out of control.

Thoughts (1).png

Mindfulness techniques I used included

  • grounding
  • breathing techniques
  • staying present
  • compassion


I hope you find this helpful

Love Louise x


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