About the Author

Louise Tribble lives in Stockholm with her husband, daughter and two dogs. Louise was born in West Wales and moved to Cardiff to study Education and Early Childhood Studies. After graduating Louise spent two years trying to navigate her way through life as her depression and anxiety climaxed into an all-consuming state. Luckily, she picked up a book of mindfulness which helped her to cope and build her confidence resulting in a voluntary job at a charity in Cardiff called Samye Foundation Wales. It was during this time she came up with the idea to help children to learn about mindfulness and try to help children understand the importance of mental wellbeing by writing her first book Mindful Millie. After such a positive reaction she released her second book Sad Simon and her third book Anxious Arthur.

A long held passion of Louise’s is the environment and her new books Eco Evie and Being Mindful of Our Planet look at climate change and what can be done about it. The sister books were made so that both children and adults could find out more about the climate and how to protect it in an accessible way. For every 10 Eco Evie books sold, Louise donates a copy of Eco Evie to a school and for every copy of Being Mindful of Our Planet sold, a tree is planted. 

The most recent publications are the “Real People” series which come as a picture book and a chapter book to appeal to different age groups. The message being that everyone is unique and important in their own way. It is Louise’s hope that these books will help children and teens feel comfortable sharing, talking about themselves and exploring their feelings whilst understanding what others are going through too. 

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